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7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

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7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

A lot of people today spend their time complaining about how things are or what’s happening in the world instead of enjoying what they do have. This doesn’t mean we have to like what’s going on or just settle for what comes along, but there are ways to improve our thinking and actions that will make life easier.  Gratitude is the answer!

The bible tells us that we will have trials and troubles as we walk through this world, but we know that God is walking through them with us!

When you are dealing with a difficult situation, it can be challenging to see the positive. This is where being grateful can help. As I said, it doesn’t mean that you are grateful for the difficulties, but instead, you should be showing gratitude for the positive things that are going on in your life, even if they are small.

Gratitude can help you see your current situation in a way that can lessen the panic, and open your thinking to new solutions to your problems. Here are seven ways you can practice gratitude and start living a happier life.

#1 – Notice The World Around You

Take a moment to notice your day-to-day world from the point of gratitude. When you start looking at things from the point of gratitude you will be amazed at all the goodness in your life that you have probably been taking for granted.

Thanking God for all the good in your life simply makes you happy and will even give you the emotion of being rich. Rich in love, a roof over your head, and food in the cupboard are great places to start giving gratitude. Read how I work gratitude into my daily life by clicking here.

#2 – Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keep a gratitude journal. Keeping a gratitude journal requires nothing more than taking a few moments at the end of the day and writing down the things that you are grateful for in your life. You don’t even need to buy a fancy notebook to start seeing the benefits.

Journaling can be very exciting when you go back and read things you wrote a month or a year ago. It gives you the opportunity to see what things you were grateful for and how your life has improved since you started your grateful journey.

#3 – Find Something Positive In Others To Like

If you identify something or someone in your life with a negative trait, switch that trait in your mind to a more positive one. For example, if you associate your work conference room with the cold room, start thinking of it as the conference room with the great view instead.

There is usually something good about everyone you can think of instead of the bad. In fact, if you start to appreciate them for that good trait and even compliment them on it you may end up with a new friend.

#4 – Have Some Humility

To practice and benefit from gratitude, you also have to practice humility. Humility is defined as being modest and respectful. Take some time to explore where you can fit humility into your life.

Remember, no one likes to be around someone who is obnoxious or brags about their accomplishments all the time. Our gratefulness should be centered on what God has done for us, not what we have done for ourselves.

#5 – Compliment People or Things God Has Made

Every day, give at least one compliment. This can either be directly or by sharing your appreciation of something in your life. This can be as simple as saying, “I love how quiet it is in the morning.”

Compliments make everyone feel better so don’t forget to use compliments on co-workers and your family. Children especially respond well to compliments. Building people up can make a huge impact on their lives.

#6 – What Can You Learn From A Situation?

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, ask yourself what you can learn? Think about when you look back on the situation, without emotion, what you will be grateful for.

Talk to God and ask for direction and guidance. That’s why God has sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us so that we can have help when we need it.

#7 – Don’t Criticize, Complain, or Gossip

Make a vow not to criticize, complain, or gossip for a week. If you slip, rally your willpower and keep moving forward. Take the time to notice how much energy you were spending every day on negative thoughts.

Number seven is a hard one to overcome, but you can do it with God’s help. Once you start being grateful instead of complaining you will notice you feel better and your mood is upbeat all the time.

The Results of Gratitude

You don’t need any specialized equipment to practice gratitude. All you need to do is use your head and your heart.

Once you get in the habit of speaking what you are grateful for each day and journaling, your life is going to change. How? The subconscious is like a data bank and remembers everything you say. Your emotions are connected to the words you think and speak, so it only makes sense that being grateful will fill up your emotions.

Start today being grateful and witness the changes that will take place in your life. God loves a thankful heart and blesses those who praise Him!

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