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Are You A Control Master Or Control Freak

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Are you what people call a “control freak”, or “control master”? I can honestly say that at one time that’s exactly what I was, and it still tries to creep in every once in a while.

When you try and take control over everything and everyone it’s not only stressful, but it limits God and what He can do for you. Today I’m going to share with you how to get that monkey off your back and receive what God has for you! Stay with me because it’s probably something you need to hear.

Signs You May Be A Control Freak

You may not feel like you are a control freak but if you feel like you have to “fix” everything for everyone all the time, then that’s exactly what you are. I can recognize it because I actually lived that way most of my life.

For me, it was a hard lesson to learn. My first husband, who is passed away, could not handle stress and so everything was left on my shoulders. I was so used to taking control and “making” things happen that I suffered from stress and anxiety all the time.

My youngest son became an alcoholic when he was about 32 years old and for 15 years I tried everything to “fix him”. There is tough love, no love, all the love, money, meetings for families that have addiction in them. It all failed because I did not realize that there are some things I simply can not fix!

Things got so bad that at the age of 44 I was out of money and my worst fears happened. My son was homeless and living on the streets in a town 150 miles from me.

Being A Control Freak Was Over – I Had No Choice Now

While all this is sad, I learned one important thing during that last year of his life and that is that Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burdens are light. I totally gave my son over to the Lord and trusted Him to know what was best. This was a totally foreign concept to me at first.

By now you are probably looking for a happy ending to this story, but it’s really a mixture of feelings. I continually prayed that my son would be healed, set free, and delivered from alcoholism and he was. It just wasn’t the way I wanted it to be.

My son went to be with Jesus on December 1, 2015, and is finally free! I trusted God to know what was best for him. You see, if he had lived he may have experienced something much worse than what he was going through. I had prayed for God to take him home if he wasn’t going to ever be strong enough to quit drinking, and God answered my prayers.

Now I Love “NOT” Being A Control Freak

I have shared this story because ever since then I’ve learned to turn everything that bothers me over to God and He always comes through and is always on time. You can do the same thing. Stop taking the weight of the world, your friends, or family on your shoulders and be free from trying to “fix things”.

Letting Someone else be in control is a totally freeing experience and a real spiritual revelation!

Trusting God takes practice and effort on your part. Read His word daily and spend time in prayer with Him because the more you know Him, the more you will trust Him.

The reason you trust your best friend, or spouse, is because you took the time to get to know them. It works the same way with the Lord. You must spend time with Him to get to know Him. We trust people we KNOW!

One last thing I want to share is this next point. If you are continually helping someone out with money, food, or housing, and they never seem to get anywhere, then you are planting your seeds on bad soil.

While God wants us to bless and help others there comes a time in some circumstances where you are doing nothing more than enabling them and feeding their bad habits.

Always pray before you make any decisions concerning helping anyone and see what God wants you to do. Be a giver, and a cheerful giver, but make sure you are giving in the right place!


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