Don’t Celebrate Halloween Until Your Know This!

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Before you and your family celebrate Halloween as Christians there are a few things you need to know so that your celebration won’t be pagan but be Christian.

Halloween Behind The Scenes

While we call the night children go trick or treating Halloween, we should know as Christians that it’s also All Saint’s Eve which is for Christians. The kids can still dress up in costumes and participate in celebrating but need to understand that it’s because of the Christian saints that were slain many years ago.

The original Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This is when the people would wear costumes and light huge bonfires in order to ward off ghosts. They were very superstitious!

It evolved into the celebration we see today. The Druids also built huge sacred bonfires but they would burn crops and even make sacrifices of animals to their Celtic deities. This is something we don’t want to be any part of!

The costumes of the Celtics were animal heads and skins and they even attempted to tell each other’s fortunes. We know that the bible says that fortune-telling is evil and again, we should not participate in anything like that.

Now that we’ve seen what we don’t want to do concerning Halloween, let’s look at All Saints day. It started on May 13, 609 AD. Pope Boniface IV dedicated it in honor of all the slain early Christians as I said earlier.

Later the festival was moved to November 1, starting on All Saints eve the night of the 31st.

Suitable Costumes For Christians

I think this is wonderful that we can override the evil holiday with a great Christian one! And as far as costumes go, please don’t dress your children up looking like our mortal enemy Satan! Give them some great costumes they can enjoy without them representing evil and sin!

Can you just imagine how hurt God’s feelings are when He sees children dressing up as evil beings? He is a God of love and Satan is His foe!

Now let’s talk about the history of trick or treating. Years ago, Americans began dressing up going from house to house asking for food or even money. They would be in costumes and this practice eventually became today’s trick or treat.

I don’t know if those old Americans did any tricks but at least we know how the tradition got started!

So What Can Your Children Do For Fun?

First I want to say this information is NOT to stop your children from celebrating or wearing costumes to go trick or treating by any means. There is a way for them to celebrate without it actually being the old Halloween of Ghost, goblins, and evil things.

My children went trick or treating and so do my grandchildren but they don’t wear evil costumes. It’s important to teach them we are celebrating All Saints eve and all the godly people that have died before us for the cause of Christianity.

Safe Alternatives For Getting Treats

Today many churches and other community foundations have parties for the children where they play games. These games include bobbing for apples, cakewalks, and musical chairs, etc. This is much safer than going trick or treating.

Some functions simple include what is called “trunk or treat” where cars are lined up in the parking lot of a church and all the trunks to the vehicles are opened. There the children can go by and get candy!

Many parents are concerned about what’s in the candy they get from strangers so community or church functions are good options for safety.

This year we have Covid 19 that throws a cog in the wheel as well. You don’t know if the people handling the candy are free from the virus so the others options might be better this year.

Teach your children that the old Halloween is a Pagan ritual that worshiped other gods. This is something we never want to do.

Have a great fall and Christmas season and remember the reason for all seasons. It’s Jesus! Blessings From God are what we all want!

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