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How Do Angels Serve God and Us?

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In the book of Genesis (Genesis 28:10-17), there is a story about a man named Jacob and in a dream he saw a ladder leading from earth to heaven. Angels were ascending and descending on this ladder. Today’s post is not about the ladder but about how the visitation from angels to earth is relevant in our lives today.

Have you ever wondered why angels serve God and us? Why are the good, and bad angels so interested in the affairs of human beings? The answer is simple. They are fighting each other for a prize and that prize dear friend, is you!

The angels in heaven work to carry out God’s plan but at the same time, the demons are also working to carry out the plan of Satan. Praise God our side has the upper hand!

How Do Good Angels Serve God and Us?

angels descending and ascending

Angels serve God and us in many ways. The angels worship and praise the Lord as well as carry messages, fight battles, and even deliver food. There is also a rank to the angels and you will learn all about that in upcoming posts.

The bible is full of stories of how God uses angels to help humans. There is another story in the bible in I John 1:45-51 about Nathaniel. He was told that he would see the heavens open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.

In the original Greek the words “Son of Man” is actually plural, which means God is talking to all Christians. There may come a day when you and I will see angels going back and forth to heaven, but God prefers that we walk by faith, not by what we see.

sons of man

This language barrier of not always knowing the original translation from either Greek or Hebrew could mean we are missing out on knowing all the blessings and mysteries of God. I truly believe that if we ask God to reveal all His promises to us, He will make a way for us to know them.

I don’t know about you but I want to walk in ALL the blessing of God right now while I’m here on earth! Life is hard and we need all the blessings from God to help us stay encouraged and to get through those hard times.

In the 28th chapter of Genesis I referred to earlier we are promised a lot of things.

God's Promises
  1. God promises to bless Jacobs’s descendants and that’s us.
  2. We also receive the promise of God’s presence.
  3. God promises us His protection.
  4. God promises us His provision.

In 2 Kings 6 the prophet Elisha was about to go to battle when all of a sudden he saw a mountain of horses and chariots of fire all around himself and the city. God was protecting this man of God and He will do the same for you and I.

I have heard countless stories of how God has protected friends of mine and even stories of those who have had help from angels! The bible tells us to always be kind to strangers because we might be entertaining angels and not be aware of it!

If you remember the story of when Jesus faster 40 days and nights He was tempted by Satan. After it was all over the angels came and ministered to Jesus. Jesus was hungry and that’s why Satan tempted him with food, but Jesus quoted the word back to Satan and after the third time Satan left. Angels are here to help God get you what you need!

When the prophet Elijah was in hiding from Jezebel an angel not only fed him but baked fresh bread on coals of fire! I’ve often thought how sweet that was because the angel could have just brought bread, but instead the angel baked it fresh so Elijah could wake to the awesome smell of it cooking.

coals of fire

Faith in God’s Word & Faith in God’s Son Activates Angels

Let’s go back to Nathaniel for a moment. When he first met Jesus he confessed his faith based on nothing more than what Jesus said to him. Jesus told him that he had seen him sitting under a fig tree. Nathaniel knew he was alone when that happened and that Jesus had to be the son of God! Jesus knew Nathaniel’s inner self, just like He does yours.

When we have faith in Jesus and what the Word says this moves the hand of God. God is the one who helps us, whether He uses angels or mankind to do it! While angels serve God and us, it’s only at His directions they serve us!

secret saints

Many Christian today would love to see God’s power in their lives, like seeing angels moving up and down ladders; yet, they are either reluctant or ashamed to even confess that they know Jesus. You can’t be “secret saints” and expect to live in God’s realm. You also can’t be “Sunday” Christians and expect to walk in the favor of God!

Angels – Seeing The Unseen World

It’s true that angels may occasionally make themselves known to us, but is usually the exception, not the rule. Angels aren’t always seen with the natural eye either. You may see them in a dream or a vision, which can be like a daydream.

For results that are spiritual, you need to set your focus on God, not the angels. In our first post in this series on angels, we learned that we are to NEVER worship angels, only God.

The Program and Doctrine of Demons


Just as our religious organizations have a doctrine, so does Satan. Satan’s goal (doctrine) is to either deny or twist the truth about God. In I Timothy 4:1 Paul uses the words “deceitful spirits” and “doctrines of demons.” Satan wants to subvert the goodness of God. If he can undermine the ministry of Jesus he feels like he has won. Satan can’t touch Christ but he and his demons are real busy trying to trip up Christians.

We all know that God is more powerful than all the demons in hell but He still wants us to take His warning about them to heart. We are to test every spirit, so test everything you hear, see, or read. If it doesn’t line up with God’s word then cast it down and out. That’s all it takes.

Remember, we have more power in our pinky finger and the name of Jesus to fight battles than a thousand demons with sharp swords. We have the word of God which is sharper than any two-edged sword!

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