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How God Saved Me From Anxiety by Stopping Foreclosure

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Have you ever needed help from God and needed it immediately? I’m sure most of us have been in that place at one time or another. In this blog post, I want to tell you a personal miracle I experienced with God and how He saved my house from being foreclosed on. Anxiety was gone in an instant!

How God Saved Me From Anxiety

By Stopping Foreclosure

Before sharing the miracle I need to give you some background information for clarity. Back in the ’70s, my husband had gone into business for himself. He opened a small gas station in a small town and it was a complete failure. He tried so hard to provide for our family. We had two small children at the time and could barely keep food on the table. In order to keep food on the table, we were not able to pay our mortgage payment for almost three months. The anxiety was so horrible!

I kind of feel like Sophia on the Golden girls when I say “Picture this”. I was in my early twenties and although I received Jesus as my savior as a child, that was about the extent of my spiritual life back then.

What little bit of church I had attended occasionally as an adult let me know that I would live forever in heaven with Jesus but what It didn’t tell me is God has an interest in what I’m going through on earth!

My definition of being spiritual was getting saved, attending church sometimes, and praying at mealtime. And to be honest, most of the time I didn’t do some of those.

The Day The Hammer Fell and My Anxiety Skyrocketed

I went to the mailbox hoping no more past due notices were in it today but when I reached into the box I noticed a thick envelope from our mortgage company. My face, I’m sure, turned white as I could feel the blood draining out of it.

Once the envelope was opened I pulled out the thick pages and started reading. The mortgage company was going to foreclose on our home! We had 30 days to pay all the back payments or leave our home. We had invested so much time and love into that home. Our children were growing up there. I was at a total loss and for the first time in my life, I felt total despair, which was so much worse than my previous anxiety!

That day is clear in my mind as if it were yesterday. The children were taking a nap and I threw myself across my bed crying so hard my eyes were almost swollen shut. Then I got angry. Very angry!  I had suddenly moved from anxiety to despair,  and then to anger in a matter of minutes.  What a rollercoaster of emotions!

I don’t know why I did this but I remember looking up to the ceiling from where I lay on my bed and yelling at God. I spat out words of resentment to God. I said, “ God, I know you are real and I know that if you created this entire world that you could just rain money down from heaven if you wanted to!”

I don’t remember what else I said but I know I was not very reverent toward God. I do remember seeing in my mind’s eye money falling from heaven and landing on my bed, thinking God could do this if He really loved me.

I now believe this was a vision from God and that He understood I was in a terrible place. What happened next will blow your socks off! I know it did mine!

Exactly 24 hours later my phone rings and it’s the mortgage company. My first thought is they were calling to make sure I got the foreclosure notice but the call went like this…

The Conversation That Made Me Realize God Cares For Me

Company: Mrs. Colby, this is Judy from the mortgage company. (keeping name private) I was just walking through the file room and was straightening up the files when I saw one sticking out. I opened it and noticed that not only is your mortgage up to date but you are paid up for 2 ½ more months for some reason.

Me: What? No, that’s not true. We just got a foreclosure notice in the mail yesterday.

Company: I’m looking at the payments right here.

Me: Who made the payments?

Company: You did

By now I’m so confused and even though I wanted her to be right, I had the notice of foreclosure right in front of me.

Me: How were the payments made?

Company: By money orders

Well, we always paid by check and never by money orders. Also, it’s important to mention that my husband and I had told no one of our situation. Not even our parents. It was important to us both that we stand on our own two feet!

Me: What name is on the money orders?

Company: Yours!

By now Judy is getting a bit perturbed with me because I can hear the frustration and almost anger in her voice.

Me: Well if you are sure. Can I just ignore this foreclosure letter?

Company: Yes. Have a nice day.

That was the end of the conversation but all of a sudden my knees felt like jelly and I actually dropped to the floor in fear. Why? Because for the first time in my life I realized the awesome power of God and was scared because of the disrespectful way I had talked to him!

I immediately asked God to forgive me and thanked Him for such an awesome miracle. There was so much joy in my heart. No more anxiety, like before. Were all my problems gone? No, but I now knew that God cared about any problems I may have, and I knew that from now on I would go to Him for the answers.

Blessings From Sharing the News

You know how when you are so excited you think you will burst if you don’t tell someone? Well, that is the way I felt and immediately went to one of my neighbor’s house to try and explain what had happened. I had not been friends with the woman for long but she was the only one I knew on the block well enough to just pop in.

Not knowing if she even believed in God or would think I had lost my mind, I shared what God had just done for me and my family. Her response surprised me and then we began a friendship that would last a very long time.

She looked right at me and smiled as she said. “I sure do believe that. God fixed my washing machine one time. It kept throwing out black grease on the clothes and I prayed over the machine. It works fine now.”

I was so excited to find someone who would believe me. God used Judy and my neighbor to help me to my destination. It was all in God’s plan. God made my file stick out in the file room for Judy to find. Most file clerks would have just straightened the file, but God moved on Judy to open the file and see the payments. God then moved upon Judy to call and see if we realized we were paid up ahead, not knowing what God had just done.

God then used Carol, my neighbor, to lead me where I could hear the truth of His Word. God uses others as vehicles to get His miracles to us! How wonderful and good God is.

Now For the Rest of God’s Plan

That day was the beginning of a beautiful walk with the Lord. My friend invited me to a lady’s bible study and I attended faithfully each week. Soon I went to their church and it was wonderful. I learned real bible truths and how much God really loves me and wants the best for me. Our house was saved and with the two and a half months paid up ahead, this gave my husband time to close the business and get a job!

That was not the only miracle that God has done in my life, but I’m saving those stories for another time. The important things I want you to get out of this blog post are below.

  • Always take everything that concerns you to God

  • Trust that God is moving behind the scenes to bring you to your destination

  • Know that supernatural miracles still happen today

  • Be open to what God has for you

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Thanks for joining me on this remembrance of my miracle.  As you can see God brought me out of that anxiety, despair, and anger into His glorious light.  I hope you will start believing in them too and don’t be surprised when God shows up! If you have experienced a miracle from God, please tell us a little about it in the comments below. God bless!



  • Eve Everitt Hickey

    My husband and I bought our home 4 1/2 yrs ago. This house and property were a promise from God. We knew we were supposed to have many come here and be ministered to….My husband passed away 3 mo ago. Our home is to go into foreclosure and be auctioned in 7 days. I am devastated. I have believed and believed, but I am so worn down with so much loss. I need a miracle!

    • Admin

      Don’t give up Eve. God has a plan for you. It may be in that house or an even better one. We must trust He knows what’s best for us better than we do. I certainly know how you feel as I have lost a husband and a son, but God is good and won’t forsake you! Trials and patience are how God does a great work in us. Prayers going up for you!

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