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How To Start & Be A Bible Study Teacher

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Bible study teacher is one of the most fun ways to share Christ and teach others how to live a successful Christian life. If you’ve not ever attended a bible study I hope you will certainly do so quickly.

Maybe you feel like it’s time you did something to further the gospel and you know God is calling you to teach a bible study. But where do you start? Prayer is always a good place to start when beginning a ministry unto the Lord.


What’s Going To Be Expected of You As The Bible Study Teacher?


Before becoming a bible study teacher you need to understand what’s expected of you and what your responsibilities will be. It’s not simply talking for an hour and then going home until next week!

Your time as the teacher starts way before the actual meeting. The lesson must be prepared and studied more than once. You want to be sure you can relate what you are talking about to people’s everyday life. It’s important to know how to take the scriptures and apply them to our lives.

It doesn’t matter if you are teaching out of a book or out of the bible, you will still have to research and look up some things. For example, you may be teaching on the subject of  “revelation knowledge”, but not everyone will understand what that means. Have your explanation ready and explain it in a way they can understand.

If you remember, Jesus used parables all the time to help people understand what he was teaching. It will be the same way with your class. You must tell “stories” that relate to your subject so the eyes of your classmates will be opened and they will be enlightened.

You must be open to questions and never fear if you don’t know the answer. If a question arises that you don’t know the answer to, simply tell them you aren’t sure but you will have the answer by the next meeting.


What Are Some of The Duties Of a Bible Study Teacher?


You already know that you must do your due diligence and study ahead of time but there are a few more responsibilities as well. Below are some of the things I do for my class as examples.

Two days before class I send a group text reminding them of what chapter we are working on and let them know I’m looking forward to seeing them.

If someone misses class due to sickness I check up on them during the week with a phone call. For people in the hospital, I go visit.

I’m always available for prayer! My group knows that if they need prayer they can call or text me any time. It’s important for your class to know you are there for them no matter what.

You can do more things for your class if the situation warrants it, but the things listed above seem to work really well.


Where Can I Hold a Bible Study?


The first bible study I ever attended was in a lady’s home and I loved it. Later on, when I moved I joined up with a bible study that was held at McDonalds. It worked pretty well until we got to big for proper seating.

After leaving McDonalds we started meeting in a coffee shop but to be honest, the prices were extremely high for a cup of tea or coffee and we decided to find another place. Our next place was very nice. The public library gave us a room in the back free of charge and we loved it.

Then COVID hit! There was not enough space to social distance ourselves in the room the library was furnishing so again we were going to have to move.

You may be wondering why we didn’t have it in the church and that’s a good question. There are ladies from four different churches that attend bible study so, in the beginning, we were meeting in a neutral place.

Since I took over as the teacher of the class, we meet at my church and all the other ladies are fine with that. We have plenty of room to spread out for social distancing and it’s going great. My suggestion is that you have it at a church if you can or someone’s home.

How Do I Get The Bible Study Started?


If you want to have it at your church you want to talk with the Pastor about using your bible study as an extension of the church.  The pastor will let you know if it’s okay to have the meeting there or if you should do it at someone’s home.

You can have your new study announced at church for a couple of weeks and hand out fliers if you choose to. It’s also easy to put information about your bible study on your Facebook page and on Craigslist.

Some people I know have even gone as far as sending letters to all the neighboring churches to invite them to the bible study. It doesn’t matter how you get the word out, you just have to spread the word.

Working For God As A Bible Study Teacher


No matter what you choose to do for the Lord, do it with all your might. The bible says that God can use small and even silly things to confound the wise. Just be yourself and talk to your class just like you would talk to your best friend. Sharing God’s word is an amazing experience and I know you will be one of the best teachers ever! God Bless.


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