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What Was Jesus Really Teaching When He Fed The Five Thousand?

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feeding the 5,000

Lessons about faith are everywhere in the bible and that’s because God operates by faith only. What some people don’t realize is that when Jesus was teaching something to His disciples or the people who followed Him, the lessons had some hidden nuggets. It’s the Holy Spirit That helps you find them.

Today I’m going to share what other lessons Jesus was teaching when He fed the five thousand! You don’t want to miss this because it’s revelation knowledge from God.

In John 6:5-11 you read the story of how a huge crowd had gathered to hear the teachings of Jesus but as the hours went by, the people were getting hungry. Jesus instructs the disciples to sit everyone down in the grass so they can be fed.

mustard seed

One of the disciples asks Jesus what they were going to do because what little money they had would not cover feeding this multitude. The bible tells us there were 5,000 men but that does not count any women and children that might have been there. This crowd could have been as high as 14,000 people!

Here is the first lesson Jesus reveals to us and it has to do with the disciples. Even though they had seen Jesus perform many miracles and had listened to Him teach all day, they were still thinking in the natural, not the supernatural.

Let me tell you that Jesus operates in the supernatural. The bible tells us that once we are Christians that we are not of this world anymore. We are supposed to walk by faith and in the supernatural every day.

Jesus Was Operating in The Supernatural When He Fed The

Five Thousand

loaves and fishes

There was a small boy in the crowd that offered his lunch to help feed the multitude. It was five barley loaves and two small fish. Above you can see a photo of what a barley loaf really looked like. It certainly wasn’t what we buy as a loaf of bread today. In fact, only the poor people ate these flat and round barley loaves. The rich people got bread made from wheat.

Lesson two is that nothing happened or multiplied until Jesus blessed the food and gave thanks for it. It was then the food multiplied. So this lesson shows me that we should always give thanks for our food and it will always be just what we need.

pray before eating

Lesson number three is where Jesus showed the world what the smallest seed of faith can do. I can’t imagine such a small lunch from that little boy fed so many. Only God has that power!

That also leads us into lesson four. Jesus always goes above and beyond what we need, and that is evident because the disciples collected 12 baskets full of food that was leftover. And the bible says they all ate until they were full! Amazing!

God responds to seeds sown by faith. Everything about God actually operates through faith. The bible tells us to live a life free from stress and worry and even goes so far as to tell us to be anxious for nothing.

Jesus tells us that God will take much more care of us than he does the little sparrows, and you never see them sitting in the tree having a nervous breakdown! So we should be anxious for NOTHING!

coin in fish's mouth

In Matthews 17:24-27 we read the story where Peter was asking Jesus about paying the temple tax. Jesus tells Peter to go down to the water and fish. He also tells him that the very first fish he catches will have a coin in it’s mouth. He tells Peter to take that coin and pay taxes for the both of them. That tells me that we should not stress over money. God has over a million ways to get money to us, even if it comes in the mouth of a fish!

Walking in faith is not always easy and can even be considered hard work at times. It’s hard to stand on the word when you think you need an answer right now! When we don’t receive an answer right away we start to doubt and fear creeps in and Satan starts to get the victory instead of us.

When doubts come into your mind from Satan, it’s time to quote the scripture back to him because he can never tell the truth. Take those thoughts captive and start praising God and reading His word.

Scriptures tells us that faith comes by hearing the word so doesn’t it make sense when you feel you are sinking to reach out for the word and get your faith back up to where it needs to be?

Two of mankind’s greatest fears are fear of poverty and fear of failure. Satan knows what those are and will certainly try to get you off your game and cause you to fear. Be wise to his tactics and don’t allow it in your life.

One important thing to remember about seed faith and walking in faith is that as kingdom citizens, faith is our “universal currency”. Faith is how you move the hand of God because without faith it’s impossible to please God.

One last thought for today. If you are believing for a door to be opened or a miracle from God you may start out by praying and believing for the answer, but sometimes you don’t see the results you were hoping for. This does NOT mean you did anything wrong.

In Matthew 18:19 Jesus teaches us there are times when you need another Christian to pray and stand with you in agreement. It’s like you are only one stick of dynamite by yourself, but you and another person(a piece of dynamite) together can create quite an explosion and knock down those walls or doors.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how bad or impossible the situation is, faith can handle it. Jesus easily fed the five thousand with only the small seed lunch of a little boy.

God has given each of us the same measure of faith, but it’s our responsibility to grow it into a yoke-breaking, devil-fighting, victory-winning faith! God bless!

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