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Like Attracts Like – God’s Law of Attraction

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For those who believe in the law of attraction you may be surprised to know that it’s a biblical principal that is talked about all through the bible. Like attracts like, meaning what you confess and believe to be true will attract those things which you are believing and praying for.

Like Attracts Like

The problem arises when we let doubt and negativity completely wash away any positive thoughts we have been confessing and praying for. The bible says that so a man thinks, so is he. If you believe you are poor and never going to get ahead, that is exactly what you will continued to get. Like attracts like¬† even if it’s something you don’t want!

Does being positive all the time mean we never will go through temptations and trials? Of course not, but is does mean you will come through it with God and it will be a lot easier.

Positive affirmations and confessing the word of God is NOT the total answer. Belief in what God’s word says and the confessions we are making is the key. When you first start walking in the spiritual realm it takes a lot of work because our subconscious has been trained for years to expect the worst and always be looking for danger. As you perfect your mind these things will be more automatic.

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

Matthew 21:22

It’s All In The Believing

The scripture above are the words of Jesus Himself so we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s a true statement. The key to asking and receiving is in the believing.

Have you ever wondered why Christians find it easy to believe that Jesus died for their sins, but when it comes to receiving healing, love, or prosperity, we have doubts in our heads.

Joyce Myers, a wonderful woman of God, wrote a book years ago titled “Battlefield of The Mind“. She sure hit the nail on the head with that title! Our minds are ruled by our subconscious and that’s where the troubles begin.

We doubt because our subconscious hears all the negative thoughts we say, others say, or even from the TV and radio. If we, as Christians, don’t override those negative thoughts with the word of God and positive thoughts we will always have trouble receiving from God.

Our subconscious actually feeds our spirit man so it’s important to be sure our spirit man is getting the proper diet of spiritual foods.

Five Major Steps that Lead to Receiving From God

Before going over the five major steps to receiving from God I want to say that’s it’s very important to put God first in everything. The best way to start doing that is when you first get up.

When I first wake up as soon as my feet hit the floor I’m thanking God for my day. I thank Him for all He is going to do to help and guide me that day. While making the bed and getting dressed I do the first of the five steps.

Being Grateful

As I go about my early morning routine of making the bed, brushing my teeth and getting dressed I start confessing everything I’m grateful for. Lord, I’m so grateful for my home and all the things you’ve blessed me with in it. Lord, thank you for my husband and how he takes care of me. God, I’m so grateful you have helped me have the means to stock my freezer and refrigerator, etc.

As you can see I just talk to God about what I’m so grateful for and by the time I go through about 15 or 20 of these blessing I am so filled with joy and I feel so blessed and rich. This puts me in a mindset of thanksgiving and gratefulness which is pleasing unto God.

Getting in a Morning Word or Devotional

You may be thinking you don’t have time for bible study or prayer in the morning but these five steps can take as little as 20 minutes. Surely you can get up 20 minutes earlier and spend some time with the Lord. Your days will change for the better and it will amaze you!

I have a small devotional book called “Jesus Calling” and I love it. I read each days short 2 or 3 paragraph text and then take my bible and look up the scriptures where they got the information. It’s staggering what you can learn from such a small amount of time with the Lord, but remember you already had your mindset ready to receive from God by being grateful.

Positive Talk and Affirmations

This step is one that you must be aware of all day long but it starts in the morning right after your time in the Word. It’s time to stop just tolerating your life and rewrite it using God’s principal of like attracts like!

I start with a journal for this one and I write down what I want and need as if it’s happening right now. Here is an example below.

  1. Everything I put my positive thoughts and hands to prospers.
  2. I always have plenty of cash in my wallet and enough money in my bank account to help others.

I would take just one per affirmation a day and write it down in a notebook until the whole page is filled. So on #1 I probably wrote it 25 times. The next day I write #2, and so on. Once I get all the affirmations down that I want and am believing for I just read them every day.

This may sound a little stilly but the purpose of writing and reading these out loud is that your subconscious is being reprogrammed with good and positive thoughts that are biblically based. The important thing to remember is to not negate these thoughts during the day by confessing things like…“I just can’t seem to get ahead”, or “I can’t afford that”. Those messages cancel out the positive ones you’ve fed your spirit and mind earlier in the day.


All through the bible God and Jesus use visualization to make people see and understand things of the spirit world. Teachers of sales forces and worldly law of attraction also believe in visualization.

In the morning when you are journaling or reading your affirmation you need to visualize these things as though they are already working and are present in your life. See yourself holding your wallet with tons of cash in it and getting your bank account and it’s got a balance with lots of zeros in it! This really brings belief into your heart when you do this.


The last step is prayer. After doing steps 1-4 it’s time to commune with the Father. If you have time do it right then, if not try and do your communications with God while driving to and from work. Don’t forget to also try and have some quiet time with God and listen to His voice as well. Don’t be the one doing all the talking.

This daily routine will make a huge difference in your life and with your walk with God. I have found that God always gives me plenty of time to get everything else done I need to do if I give Him the first part of my day. In fact, I now find myself talking to God all throughout the day. It brings such a closeness that I had never had before and a joy in my heart that is almost impossible to describe!

These five steps to receiving from God are just the beginning to your road to successful living. There is so much more to cover and I will cover it little by little in more blog post. Please feel free to comment and share with other how your spending time with God has helped you. We are here to teach and learn from each other while being uplifting as well! God Bless!

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