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Praying & Receiving A Godly Man For Your Husband

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Today I want to share a video interview I did with Reverend Gloria Hamlin. When Gloria was about 35 years old her husband passed away and left her with five children.

After time had passed Gloria wanted to remarry, but she was particular and wanted a godly man. She wanted the man that God wanted her to have, so she set out to put things in motion.

Gloria made a list of the attributes she wanted in a man down to the last details, such as hair and eye color. But, most important of all, she had a “godly man” at the top of her list.

Watch this video and see how she used this list to manifest the man God wanted to put into her life. God is no respecter of persons and He can do for you just as He did for her. Enjoy blessings from God.

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