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Quiet Time – To Hear From God

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As children, we are sometimes told to go to our rooms for some “quiet time” or for a “time out” if we have been bad. Quiet time with God is not because we have been bad, it’s so we can be still and hear His voice, and some other great benefits.

Most Christians are so busy talking to God they don’t spend any time listening to Him! You may be surprised to learn that God has a lot to say. And, even more than that, He doesn’t want to do all the talking, He wants a conversation.

Can You Really Hear God’s Voice?


There are instances recorded in the bible where people actually heard the voice of God out loud. While you may or may not hear an audible voice, you will hear a voice. There are times when God has spoken to me and the words that pop into my head sound like my voice, and other times it’s a man’s voice but I know it’s God either way.

You may be wondering how you know it’s God, especially when you hear the words in your own voice. The answer is simple. Many times God will put the idea into your thoughts, which are His words, and you will hear those thoughts in your own voice.

I can always tell when the thoughts are from God because the words are very different from what I would have used, or something comes to mind that I’ve never even thought of! It’s so amazing I know for sure I didn’t come up with it!


How To Begin Quiet Time So I Can Hear God’s Voice?


Quiet time with God is not totally in silence the entire time you have set aside. In order to get to that point where you can hear God’s voice, there are some things you can do to quiet your mind and connect with God.

Please don’t misunderstand me. This is not to say God can’t speak to you at any time or any place. I am talking about when you spend your quiet time with God.

Tell God Why You Are Here

Get somewhere comfortable for your quiet time with God. It doesn’t matter if you kneel down, or sit in your recliner. God only cares about what you say and that you listen to Him. I usually start off by letting Father God know how much I love Him and that I have come to spend time with Him.

When a friend comes to visit you at home or in the hospital you love how they took time out of their busy schedule just for you. It’s the same with God.  It pleases Him when you take this initiative.

Be Grateful for All Your Blessings

After my opening prayer, I thank Him for many of the blessings He has bestowed on me. I mention them one by one, usually 20 or 30 of them.

This can be something as simple as “thank you, Father, for the roof over my head”. Once you thank God for your blessings you will be in such a great frame of mind and spirit that you are in awe of his love and power!

Your faith also rises when you start being grateful because you are reminded of how great and powerful His love for you is.

Praise and Adoration

This is something God really appreciates. Give Him the praise, honor, and glory He deserves. Let Him know you are aware of His awesome power of how He created all things and has the greatest love for mankind.

During your quiet time tell the Father how much you trust Him to take care of you and your family. He loves your praise and worship! You can praise Him for the things you love about Him. It doesn’t have to be these examples.

Questions and Answers

If you have a question you need an answer too, now is a good time to ask. But once you ask, it’s time to be silent. Clear your mind of all thoughts except the Lord. With eyes closed simply think of His greatness and how much you love Him.

Many times the answers you seek will come to your mind while in your quiet time, or the Holy Spirit of God will give you a feeling in your spirit of what is right. Don’t be disappointed or alarmed if the answer doesn’t come right then.

I have noticed that the answer will pop into your mind at the strangest times, or one of your friends or family will say something to you and you will feel that quickening in your spirit. God has sent the answer through someone else!

God has answered me through a You-tube video, blog article, people, and from Him directly. Don’t put God in a box and tell Him how and when to answer your question.  When the answer you are seeking suddenly shows up in your email inbox, or a video shows up on Youtube you didn’t subscribe to, it’s very exciting!

What About a Plain Conversation?

Some people are so connected to God they actually have conversations with God. I love to take walks around the pasture where my cows are kept. At times I will be talking to God and hear Him answer me right then. I talk some more and again, I hear from Him. I love those times!

This is not as common for me as I would like it to be but I’m looking forward to the day I can have these wonderful conversations with Him all the time.

As humans, our flesh gets so caught up in breathing, eating, and family matters that it’s not always easy to get into the spirit realm for these conversations. That’s why I suggested you start with prayer, counting your blessings, praise and worship, and then questions and conversation.

This step by step guide will help you get out of the flesh and into the spirit really quickly.

God created us because He wanted a family and families spend time together. How would you feel if you had sacrificed one of your children to save another one of your other children? Would you like it if the remaining child never wanted to be around you or spend any time with you? What if your child only spent one hour a week with you on Sunday morning?

Your heart would feel bruised and wounded for sure. God feels the same way. He longs to spend time with us because we are His family. Spend time with your Father and really get to know Him. God Bless!




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