receiving from God

Receiving From God is Connected to Obeying God’s Commands

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receiving from God

So why is it you aren’t receiving from God all the things He has in store for you? He is willing to supply them! Because obedience to God’s word is necessary or you won’t be receiving from God as much as He wants to give you. Let’s see why…

I want to cut through your excuses and show you how following God is exciting and worthwhile! God promises to bless you in your everyday life. He delights in pouring out His goodness upon you in so many amazing ways. Receiving from God every day is so exciting because it clearly shows how much He loves you.

The Lord’s Blessings Are For You

blessings are for you

Receiving from God doesn’t lie solely in deed and word. It is also a matter of attitude (faith). The word ‘receive’ when applied to you, means to receive by recognizing the work and promises of God in your life. You must know the power of God and who you are in Christ to believe you really deserve all these blessings. If you don’t believe it will be impossible to manifest God’s blessings.

You can never be perfect and God knows that so He sent Jesus to die for your sins. All Christians are supposed to follow God as closely as humanly possible, but when you do make a mistake you should repent. The sacrifice Jesus made covers your sin and makes you worthy to be receiving from God. It’s never been about your worthiness!

What God Wants From You

trust & obey

The Bible says that the one who trusts in God will receive many blessings from Him (Proverbs 3:5; 5:8), and they will prosper. Proverbs 6:15 says there is no fear for those who trust in the LORD. Another scripture is in Daniel 10:13. The one who trusts God will receive all the heavenly blessings, such as eternal life, and this will be most easily attained by those who trust in the LORD and encourage Him by doing good deeds.

I love Psalms 127:3; 128:2. Therefore, when you choose to seek God’s will in every area of your life, you are trusting in the LORD who is able to do anything! Nothing can stand in your way.

I Repeat! Nothing can stand in your way when you trust the Lord. The bible tells us He is able to do ANYTHING!

Why You Should Follow God

follow God

I’ve often said if you are to follow Jesus Christ with all your heart and mind, it’s going to mean that you’re going to be in a constant state of gratitude. What I mean by “gratitude” is it not only means thinking about how wonderful your life has been, but it also means being grateful for the little things—the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch.

When you live in gratitude for what you have, you reduce stress and anxiety and live in an abundance mindset, which leads to being more successful in life. The bible tells us that God will supply all your needs, not just some of them. That’s in Philippians 4:19. His word indicates that if He can trust us to be givers with what we do have, He will give us more!

I want to share one way that being obedient is connected to receiving from God. It’s easier to understand obedience if you start with blessing. It kind of goes back to the beginning of creation. The word for the phrase ‘to obey’ in the Bible is Aikalon. The name Aikalon comes from the verb root Aikal, which means to turn or cause, to turn, or to bring about.

Applying this meaning to your everyday use of the word Aikalon(to obey), you would turn toward God and ultimately accomplish whatever He wants you to accomplish in whatever manner He wants you to accomplish it because you are His instrument. When you obey God that word Aikal means God will “bring about” what you need. He is so good!

-God Does the Work, You Don’t Have To-

-You Simply Trust and Believe-

-Be In a Relationship With God-

To be in a relationship with God you must spend time in prayer and studying His word(free e-book). You can’t get to know anyone without spending time with them and it’s the same with God. The more time you spend with Him, the more you will know Him and trust Him to bless you and your family. By Studying you will learn His character and His will.

Believe and Expect Him to Hear and Answer

Your Prayers Consistently

favor of God

God hears your prayers. You need to believe that with all your heart and it has nothing to do with being a perfect Christian. Pray, believe, and you will receive. It’s that simple. It doesn’t always happen right away, but keep standing on His word and see if He doesn’t come through.

You won’t be receiving from God anything that is inconsistent with His Word so don’t worry about asking for something you shouldn’t. When you know God and His word your spirit will automatically help you ask for things in the right way. Things that line up with God’s word, will always be in His will.

Let me leave you with these thoughts. God wants to take care of you and His love is always something you can depend on. God loves you and he wants you to be filled with faith and when you do that He’ll take care of you as you step out in faith on his promises.

Set a time each day to read God’s word, pray, and start living in the FOG (Favor of God).

What are you waiting on? Start receiving from God prosperity and blessing nows! God Bless.

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