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Self-Talk Can Manifest and Create a New Reality

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For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Romans 8:6


Self-Talk Can Manifest and Create

It’s a true fact that most of us would love to change many things in our lives.  Maybe we have a chronic illness, or have trouble paying all the bills.  Some people have relationship problems and these carnal problems just seen to go on and on.  The good news is that God had made provisions for all these things but it’s up to us to pick them up and use them in our lives. It’s self-talk (and prayer) which re-programs our subconscious!

This sounds so easy in theory but walking in the spiritual realm and actually receiving the promises of God can sometimes elude Christians.  In today’s society most people blame Satan for everything wrong in their lives, but the truth is that we give Satan far too much credit.  We are usually our worst enemy because our subconscious self-talk thoughts, beliefs, and actions don’t line up with the word of God.  You can’t fix worldly problem without spiritual help.  However, there is good news!  There is a way to re-write your life, follow God, and live the healthy and prosperous life that God intended.

To receive an outer change we must have a change in our hearts (spiritual part of us)  We need to align our human will with the divine will and this means getting our conscious and subconscious mind in sync.  God has provided the way for us to do this.  It’s through speaking words of faith and using visualization to strengthen our beliefs.  All through the bible Jesus and others used parables and stories so the people could visualize, understand and believe.

Conscious and Sub-conscious Working Together.

For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Proverbs 23:7

The scripture above is a major key to believing and receiving from God.  If you think you can’t do something you probably never will, but if you are certain you can do or have something then through visualization and self-talk you can manifest it from the spiritual realm to the natural realm.  Jesus told us that if we simply believe, then greater works than He did we will be able to do also.  Jesus healed the sick, brought people to repentance, raised people from the dead, and helped supply people’s needs.  So, why aren’t we Christians doing the same?

The answer is lack of faith and true faith comes from being in the word and spending time with the Father who created all things.  You may have times when you need to be on your knees in front of the Father, but you can be with the Father all day long as well when carrying out your daily chores and routine.  I love sharing my day with the Lord and even more exciting is the surprises He gives back to me during the day.  The blessings are there if you will just be open to them.

So What Is Self-Talk?

Self-talk is called affimations or positive confessions by some people but no matter what you call it you will get the same results.  As I mentioned earlier our subconscious is full of negative thoughts and negativity breeds more negativity.  You’ve probably heard the old saying GIGO, which means garbage in garbage out.  Our subconscious is like a computer that takes in everything we see, hear, and confess.  It accepts our thoughts as truth and acts accordingly.  Our subconscious never sleeps and even controls our bodily functions.  

This is why many people, especially sales people or business owners, will listen to positive thinking tapes while sleeping, and read positive thinking books during their off time.  We must retrain our minds in order to live abundantly!  Your mind can grow flowers or it can grow weeds so it’s up to you and how your fertilize it. Self-talk is one way to help re-program our subconscious fast.

In my blog post “Like Attracts Like” you can see how good attracts good and bad attracts bad.  If you haven’t read it please go there after you finish this article and it will shed more light on this subject.  

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

Matthew 21:22

Self-Talk Through Repetition Equals Success

The way to retrain your sub-conscious is by repetition, and what I call self-talk.  The more the subconscious hears something and the more you visualize it, the more it becomes truth in the subconscious mind. Once your subconscious believes something it triggers your faith and great things start to happen.  God said if we just have faith as small as a grain of a mustard seed we could say to a mountain be ye removed and it would be cast into the sea.  

Will we always have to use self-talk?  Probably not because once you start believing for the smaller things and get into the word of God on a regular basis, your faith will automatically believe things into existence for you.  In the beginning we all must retrain our subconscious and then once we have the negativity out of it, we must make sure that we only speak and think positive thoughts.  

You may not realize it but we all use self-talk to a certain degree.  The problem is most of our thoughts and talk do not line of with what God has spoken in his word.  Changing your daily self-talk is of the utmost importance.  It will do you no good to make positive affirmations in the morning and spout off negative talk during the day.  You must learn to have complete trust in the Lord, knowing that if you are staying in His word and in communication with Him, that anything you ask for will be God’s will.

Many people always end their prayers in “if it’s god’s will”, and there may be times that those words may be needed.  However, it’s my belief that if you are walking in the spirit daily and letting the spirit lead you, your prayers will automatically be the will of God because you will only want the good things of God.

God has promised us many things, such as health, prosperity, love, and a long life just to name a few and His gifts are just waiting for us to pick them up and receive them.  Can you just imagine the sorrow of God when He sees His children suffering after His son has already paid such a high price.

Stop saying things that don’t line up with the word of God.

  • I can’t afford it
  • I’m so depressed
  • Nobody cares about me
  • I’m so far in debt, I’ll never get out

Can you see how horrible and unscriptural those are?  This kind of self-talk will keep you sick, miserable, and poor!  You may have made positive affirmations earlier in the day saying “My God Supplies All My Needs” but you just washed it all away by saying you are in debt.  That’s like saying God can’t take care of you!  Our self-talk and our walk must line up with God’s word and it’s not as hard to do as you may think.  It just takes a little work on our part and soon our new way of talking will be like second nature to us.

Start right now, watching how you talk and how you act and make sure you spend some time with the Lord each and every day.  First thing in the morning is the very best time of all because it sets the tone for the rest of your day.  There will be more on this subject coming soon so be sure and come back.  God loves you and want you to receive everything He has prepared for you!  This is just the beginning.  Stick with me on this journey and change your self-talk because your life is about to change!




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