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Seven Benefits of Meditating on God’s Word

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I know there are people who meditate just for health reasons but when I meditate I like to use the word of God and the principles it supports. That is not to say those people are wrong, I’m just saying with God the benefits of Christian meditating are amazing!

There are a number of benefits of meditating, many of which most people simply aren’t aware of. However, by spending some time every day in meditation, you’ll be surprised at how much good it will do your mind and your body.


1. Revelation Knowledge – God’s word gets rooted and grounded in your spirit when you meditate. This is imperative for spiritual warfare. When you think about the scriptures and go over each word with thought, the Holy Spirit reveals things you would have never thought of with your carnal mind.


2. Stress Reduction

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of meditating is a reduction in stress. As you meditate and think of how wonderful God is you actually begin to get control over your emotions which can reduce feelings of anxiety.

Knowing God is our protector can relieve a lot of anxiety. We know that Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden light. He says cast all our cares on Him.  Psalm 91 is a great chapter to meditate on.

Since there are a huge number of people that are currently using anti-anxiety medications and the number keeps going up, it’s clear that anxiety is something that needs to be addressed by Christians. The bible says to “fear not”.


3. Make Better Choices

When you are meditating on the word and what Jesus means to you it makes you think of making better choices. This could be anything from better eating habits to spending more time with your family.  You want to please God in every way spiritually and in everyday life.

Taking time to meditate in the spiritual realm makes it a lot easier for God to speak to you and the Holy Spirit minister to you. You will find taking some time for the Lord is kind of like taking “me time” as well. You get refreshed.


4. Improved Concentration

This is something that has been studied in depth by some researchers, and it has been discovered that people who meditate are not only able to concentrate better, but they’re also able to multitask much more easily, which means getting a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. Meditating allows you to center yourself and you can better focus on everything you need to do.

I have also found that if I put God first and take my time with Him, He makes sure I get everything done for the day. Sometimes I wonder how it happened, but it just does!


5. Self-Acceptance & Learning Your Place in Christ

For many people, it can be hard to accept themselves, whether it’s accepting who they are as a person or physical problems. But either way, meditation can help you accept yourself as you are.

The bible tells us that once we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior that we are righteous through His righteousness. This knowledge can make you a happier person and allow you to more confidently share yourself with others, leading to a deepening of relationships and witnessing for God.


6. Receive The Joy of The Lord

Meditation on things of the Lord can bring about immense joy and a feeling of total peace. There are some scientific facts as well that show meditation can help make you happy.

One study that looked closely at brain activity during meditation found that meditation decreased activity in the right side of the brain where negative emotions are formed while increasing activity on the left side where positive emotions are produced. So in addition to greater self-acceptance bringing more happiness, your actual brain chemistry changes to make you happier.


7. Be Healthier

Another physical change that happens in your body as you meditate is that blood pressure is lowered as nitric oxide is released, which increases blood circulation.

In one study, 2/3 of participants were able to lower their blood pressure through meditation enough that they were able to stop taking blood pressure medicine. Other studies show that the immune system is also boosted by meditation.

When you meditate, especially things concerning the Lord, you seem to relax and breathe at a slower rate. This really backs up what the study above proved.

So How Do You Meditate?


I’m sure that if you look online you will find ten thousand people ready to tell you how to meditate. The truth is whether you get comfortable sitting in your recliner or sitting on the floor it doesn’t matter.

Take some deep breaths and start to relax first. Then have a little prayer time with the Lord. Take one of your favorite verses and read it out loud and then dissect it to get the full meaning of it. Go over and over it in your mind and visualize what it means for you and your life today.

Visualize this scripture in a personal way, like it was written just for you!  This will bring amazing results in your life!  Think positive things, knowing that God supplies all your needs and that He cares for you.

Then when you are through with your scriptures it’s nice to just be quiet and bask in the love of God. His love will surround you and fill you with joy!  I forgot to mention that the TV and phone need to be off before you ever start your time with the Lord.

You will find the best way for you to meditate, but the example above is just how I do it and it works for me.  Christian meditation is relaxing, enlightening, and very much needed by everyone!

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