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Seven Keys To Putting God First

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Putting God First

We’ve often heard people say we should be putting God first, but do we? Today we are going to get into some ways we can put God first that you might not have thought about. Some things we all should do may require a little sacrifice on our part, but most ways we can put God first are easy to do, so let’s get started.

The First Part of Our Day

The first part of your day should be dedicated to God, even if it’s just a short prayer, and thanks for what He has done for you. It’s not that hard to spend a few minutes thanking God for everything in your life and praying for your family.

This also gets your family started off right with prayers for protection and God’s love. For those of you with small children, you simply need to rise up ten minutes earlier than they do. Everyone needs some quiet time and once you get into this habit you will really enjoy it.

Devotionals/Bible Study

This one is a little harder for people that work full time and does require some sacrifice of your time. But when you think about what God sacrificed for you by sending His only begotten Son, it doesn’t seem like we are doing enough.

If you can’t rise early enough for this, then take 15 minutes of your lunchtime to study God’s word. It makes all the difference in the world.

The important thing is to “Make” time for God. He should be more important than anything! Some people do their study and prayer time at night before bed. This makes for a good restful night, but I’m more of a morning person and would rather start my day off with my prayer and study.

Tithes and Offerings

Back in the bible days, the people would not only give their money and time, but they would also give the first fruits from their crops. They wanted God to have the first of everything. My sister has a small container garden and every year the first pepper she grows goes to her pastor. She wants God to bless her little garden so she gives her first produce from it.

One lesson that is hard for us humans to really learn is that we can’t out-give God. We are so afraid to turn loose of our money because we have bills to pay and food to buy. The biblical truth is that when you give, God blesses you back with even more. Many times a hundredfold.

I challenge you if you are having trouble making ends meet, then start tithing and giving to others. You will have more than enough!

Showing Love and Kindness to Others

The bible tells us that we are to love our neighbors, friends, and people we don’t even know the same as how God loves us.

This isn’t always easy because people can be mean and selfish. However, by treating people with love and kindness we are putting God’s great commandment first, which means we are putting Him first by showing His love.

God in our Business or Job

Maybe you haven’t realized it but you should put God first in your business or at your job. When you are in business for yourself you need to make God your partner in that business and treat your customers in a way that is pleasing to God.

On the job, you should always put God first before compromising on anything that would not please Him. We show people we are putting God first by not lying, cheating, cursing, gossiping, or stealing.

The workplace and our businesses are the very places we can put God first and let our eternal light shine.

Witnesses For God When He Opens the Door

If you really put God first in everything He will open doors for you to witness for Him. At work, the grocery store, or even the gym. I have found that once you engage in a conversation with someone they will usually tell you of a problem or sickness they have. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tell them how God has helped you with similar problems. By using yourself as an example it makes them feel more at ease.

Instead of agreeing with their plight and helping them to feel sorry for themselves you should put God first, right in front of them, and share His loving kindness with them.

Putting God Ahead of Your Spouse

Wow, this one can really be a problem if you don’t realize what it means and how to follow through. We all love our spouses and want to make them happy. How you treat your spouse has a lot to do with putting God first. When you realize what the bible says about how a man should treat a woman and how a woman should treat a man you will have a greater understanding of how this is putting God first.  You will find how women should act in the book of Proverbs!

So What Does It All Really Mean?

In a nutshell, putting God first means living His way in everything you do. You won’t be able to have His gentle spirit that draws people to you unless you get in the Word and prayer every day. Spending time with God is where you will draw strength in this world of hate and troubles.

Putting God first could be something as simple as saying a prayer over your food before a single bite crosses your lips. Our thoughts should always be on God and what He wants in any particular situation.

Your life will change for the better once you start putting God first in everything you do and every place you go. Stay close to Him and He will stay close to you!  God Bless!


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