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Seven Ways to Worship Scripturally at Home

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If you are reading this in April you are going through a sheltering period and wondering how to keep things as normal as possible.  Below are just seven ways to worship scripturally at home.  However, all these seven ways of worship are good to know anytime in any circumstance.

There are many ways to worship scriptural that are very clear in God’s word. Today I’m going to go over the seven ways I feel are the most important. This doesn’t mean that your kind of worship is wrong, it just means there may be ways you haven’t thought of yet. So let’s get started and learn more about how to worship scripturally.

Seven Ways To Worship Scripturally

  • Pray to the Father Through Jesus Christ

    – Before starting any kind of pray or worship it’s important to know that the Word says the only way to get to the Father is through Jesus. The bible tells us that once Jesus died on the cross and ascended he now sits at the right hand of the Father and is the mediator between God and us humans. (Hebrews 9:15)

  • Worship Scripturally by Giving Thanks For Your Blessings

    – A great way to start worshiping God is by thanking Him for all your blessings. It doesn’t matter how big or small. By doing this you will find that by the time you thank Him for about twenty things you will be in awe of His mighty power and ready to continue worship.  It also makes you realize how many good things you have when things seem to be going downhill.

  • Worship Scripturally by Kneeling or Raising Hands

    – This too is scriptural, but some people aren’t comfortable with this. Just know that whether you sitting, standing, or kneeling, God is very pleased you are spending time with Him.

  • Worship Scripturally and Praise Him With Song and Dance

    – The word of God says over and over about how the Lord loves His children to worship Him with song and dance. Two great scriptures for this are (Psalms 98:16 and Psalms 150:3-6)  God loves musical instruments and the sound of our voices, whether we think we can sing or not.  To God, our voice is a joyful noise.

  • Worship Him With Fellowship of the Church

    – While the bible tells us not to forsake the fellowship of each other in praise and worship, it’s not always possible for everyone. The truth is that the word fellowship means “brotherhood, or jointly contributed”. This means if you are worshiping with people on the phone, or even on TV, you are not forsaking the assembly. You are jointly contributing when you watch and worship online, or television. However, it’s much more fun and makes you feel better when you can get together in person.

  • Worship Scripturally by Praying in the Spirit

    This subject is not agreed upon by all but I find that it is very scriptural. In Acts 10:46 it says that when we pray in tongues( in the spirit) we magnify God and that is part of worship. Even Paul said he was glad he prayed in tongues more than all of the church he was writing to.

  • Holy Communion

    – One of the most important ways to worship scripturally is by taking communion often. To read more on the benefits of taking Holy Communion you can Click Here. Taking communion at church is all most people know but there are other options pleasing to God. It can be done at home, in the park, and other places.


Today, as I’m writing this, it’s Easter Sunday. Due to the Covid 19 virus my church is closed. I wanted to worship God for all He has done so my two sisters and I got on a three-way phone call this morning and took communion together. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, worship, prayer, and a short devotional. The elements can be anything you have from a potato chip to prune juice as they are merely symbolic.

Worshiping God Scripturally Is a Spiritual Blessing and Privilege

Worshiping God is a privilege that non believers do not have. In John 9:31 is states that God heareth not the sinners. This is why it’s so important that we all be messengers of God and take the good news to as many people as possible.

Worship doesn’t have to take a lot of time, although you will find that many times you are surprised at how much time has gone by when you are done.

If you are a busy mom or high-powered executive you can always find some time to worship God. While driving to work you can thank Him for all your blessings. At lunch-time, moms can worship while the little ones are taking a nap.

Putting God first will give you more extra time than you can imagine. Worship God first, then let your prayer request be known. His word says the prayer of faith will produce much reward! God Bless!

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