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Should We Question or Blame God?

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It’s human nature to blame God or someone else when things go wrong in our lives, but what does it mean when we question or blame God himself?

For years I prayed for my son who was an alcoholic but he died drunk and alone. Should I blame God? I didn’t in case you are wondering but I know people who have and do blame God for things that have not turned out as they want them to.

Know God’s Laws – Don’t Blame God

Today I hope to help you understand why we should not blame God for our misfortunes and how to trust that He knows what is best for us and our families. God has set up spiritual laws that must be fulfilled before He can intervene in our lives. Let’s learn what those are today!

When God created Adam and Eve they were meant to live in a perfect world, not one of sin. We all know the story of how the devil tempted Eve and she in turn tempted Adam and the rest is history. It’s a history of sin and bad things, trials, temptations, and even catastrophes!

The bible tells us to pray for help in our times of need and it also tells us that God is willing and able to give us that help. It makes you wonder why we don’t always seem to get it.

The Promises of God

Have Conditions

The truth is that all scriptures that have the promises of God in them come with conditions. The condition is that we follow God’s ways and live a life that is holy while showing brotherly love to everyone else.

None of us will ever be perfect but we should all make the effort to live by the rules and commandments of our Lord. So what does this have to do with blaming God?

promises have conditions

We know from scripture (John 14:12-15) we can ask anything in the name of Jesus and He will do it if we follow and keep His commandments.

Don’t Blame God – He Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice With Jesus

Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us which means we can ask God anything in Jesus’ name, but God expects us to receive the answer to that prayer in faith. God does not wave a magic wand and zap things right in our lives.

He expects us to use our faith, but many Christians don’t want to put in the work and simply blame God. It’s an excuse that could get you in trouble spiritually!

When Adam and Eve fell from grace sin became present in this world and that is and always will be the downfall of many people. Our part is to trust God no matter what we see, feel, hear, or happens to us. We must trust Him to see us through in times of trials. Without any tests, you would have no testimony!

What Does Satan Rule Over?

One of the spiritual laws God set up was right after the fall of man. He gave Satan dominion over the airspace of the earth and the bible says he is moving to and fro, seeking whom he can kill, what he can steal, and what he can destroy. Remember, he took one third of the angels with him so his demons are many!

God sent Jesus so those of us who would believe in Him could have access to the Father and to heaven. This doesn’t mean everything will go just as planned on the earth of which Satan has dominion! In John 12:31 Jesus says that Satan is the ruler of this world!

One thing to remember is that Satan has limited power. Even in the book of Job, Satan had to get permission to do some of the things he did to Job! The new testament of the bible tells us that we can rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus and take back what he has stolen from us.

Who’s In Charge?

does Satan rule?

So, again, this leaves us asking the question of who is in charge here? For Christians God is in charge, but for unbelievers, they have no such hope for help as we do.

When you wonder why God doesn’t stop certain things from happening, it’s because it may not be legal for Him to do so. If no one has prayed in faith, believing for the outcome, God won’t step in and intervene.

It sounds harsh and unloving in some ways, but think of it this way. If God loves us so much He sent His only son to be sacrificed for us, then His way must have reasons we aren’t aware of and can’t comprehend at this time. That’s where trust comes in.

He Got Cancer But Didn’t Blame God

I know of a couple that lost their grown son to cancer and they quit coming to church. We found out this week it’s not because of Covid but because they blame God.

You see our whole church prayed for their son to be healed and he died. What they don’t understand is that when he crossed over into the promised land he was made completely whole. No cancer or sickness of any kind.

Sometimes God loves us so much he takes us home so we don’t have to suffer anymore.

We don’t understand why the young man was not healed while here on earth, and I didn’t understand why my son had to die to be delivered from alcohol! But I praise God he is delivered, set free, and not under bondage to that addiction anymore.

Blame God Or Choose To Trust He Knows What Is Best

I choose to believe that God took my son because He knew that he would never be strong enough to quit drinking and would probably had encountered some really terrible times living on the streets. I can now thank God for taking care of my son and delivering him!

You must also remember that free will is involved. My church has no way of knowing if the young man who died of cancer had asked God to take him home. Maybe the pain and suffering was so bad he was ready to go home!

Don’t Blame God When You Could

Be The Problem!

Also what comes out of people’s mouths can hinder prayers being answered the way we would like. If you pray for healing then your confession should be that you are healed. The bible tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue and that is so true.

power words

If you pray for healing for cancer, but continue to tell people you “have” cancer, then you aren’t praying and believing in faith.

There is a man who goes to my sister’s church who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. When he went for chemo he would never let them use the word cancer. He said he had symptoms of cancer but that God had healed him.

When he spoke with people at the church he said that Satan was attacking him with symptoms of cancer but he is healed. Praise God, that man received complete healing and is serving the Lord today!

It is Written

So you see, sometimes we are to blame for what happens because we don’t believe and confess the word of God as fact! When we continue to “say” we “have” something, then we will have it!

The truth is that not every prayer gets answered the way we want it to. It gets answered, but if we don’t like the answer, we are so quick to turn on a God that loves us more than we know.

God wants us to believe that He knows what is best for us and for us to trust Him no matter what happens. It’s not always an easy thing to do, especially when you lose a loved one way before they have reached old age.

God Is There Through

Every Circumstance

In my life I’ve lost both my parents, a husband, and a son. It’s hard to live without your loved ones, but I know without a doubt that I will see them again because they were all Christians.

There is no scripture in the bible that says bad things will never happen to Christians. As long as we live on this earth bad things are going to happen.

You need to know that as long as you are on this earth you will have problems. It’s how you respond to those problems that make the difference. God will always see you through them. Everything is temporary and has an appointed time when the trial will be over.

It is Written

Trust Him instead of blaming Him, and let that peace that passes all understanding fill you up with gladness again. There is a reason for everything, even if you don’t know what it is right now.

When you feel angry at God, think of all the good things and blessings He had given to you. Then think about all the troubles Satan has sent your way.

The choice is an easy one. I’ll take God, and without explanation or blame, any day of the week! Don’t blame God but take responsibility when needed, and rebuke the evil one if he is involved.

If God be for us then who can be against us? (Romans 8:31) God bless you.

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