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Two of Satan’s Biggest Schemes Against Christians

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Satan's Biggest Schemes

Satan’s biggest schemes are so subtle that many Christians don’t even notice what is going on in the spirit realm behind the scenes. Two of Satan’s biggest schemes against Christians are to put ungodly thoughts in your mind and to stop you from praying. Today you are going to find out how to stop Satan in his tracks!

The spirit world is busy at all times and that includes God’s angels and Satan’s demons. If you could clearly see that world at all times it would amaze you.

While the movies portray Satan as some creature with horns and long fanged teeth, he is more careful about letting his presence known. Why? He wants to get you off track from serving God but he is sneaky about it. If he came at you looking like the monster he really is you’d get scared and run back to God at the first opportunity! That would defeat his purpose.

Satan’s Biggest Scheme Is To

Get In Your Head

mind of people

Satan’s biggest schemes take place in the minds of people. He can’t read your mind, but he can certainly put thoughts in your head. It’s what you do with those thoughts that make the difference between victory or defeat!

The bible tells us we are to cast down thoughts and imaginations that don’t exalt themselves with the word of God. So how do we do that? The battle is won by controlling your thoughts and acting on the word of God.

Don’t Convince Yourself You Are Sick

Satan can actually make you sick by putting thoughts in your head. You sneeze three or four times and in comes the thought you must be coming down with something. Before you know it those words come out of your mouth and you confess you are coming down with something. The more these thoughts come and the more you let them take over, the sicker you become. What started out to be a few sneezes has now turned into a full blown cold with sore throat.

When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the book of Matthew He always quoted the scripture back to Satan. He started His sentences with “It is written”. Satan knows he has no power over the words of God and has to leave when you quote the bible back to him.


When you first had the thought you were coming down with something is when you should have said, “No, Satan, I’m not sick because it is written that by the stripes of Jesus I am healed”.

It’s hard to do at times, especially when you feel bad, but I promise you that God’s word works! Scripture tells us that God’s word does not return to him void without accomplishing that for which it was sent. When you start feeling sick, send the word!

No Time For Pity Parties

So, the first way Satan can work in your mind is with thoughts. Thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m broke”, “Nobody loves me”, or “I’m sick”. All those statements are false and far from what the bible says. Satan is a big fat liar!

Secondly, Satan can trick you into doing so many “works” for the Lord that you neglect your prayer time and personal relationship with Him. I found myself in this position for a while but thankfully the Holy Spirit showed me how I was messing up.

I teach a bible study on Tuesday afternoons, publish a Christian blog, am a Christian Life Coach, and many other things for the Lord, yet all these things are useless to me if I don’t spend time with the Father. Satan may keep you so busy with the kids, trying to be the perfect mom or wife, you don’t take time out for God. It’s his evil way of making you think you are doing good, but the one thing you should be putting first is always on the back burner!

No Conversation Until They Need Something

How would you feel if the only time your family or friends spoke a single word to you was when they wanted to ask you for something? Not too good, right? We like conversation and so does God. He has feelings too and wants to be loved. We should sometimes go to Him in prayer just to praise and thank Him for all He has done for us.

Keep putting God first by reading His word and spending time in prayer because this will help you be more aware of Satan’s biggest schemes so you can stop them right away.

Remember, your subconscious is like a data bank and things that go into it are believed to be true. Don’t let the wrong thoughts that Satan puts in your mind stay there and become reality. Cast them out in the name of Jesus.

We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but He is gracious and loving and always welcomes you for any time you will give to Him. God Bless!

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