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Walking by faith not by sight

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Walking by faith not by sight is a phrase that we Christians have heard for years and years, yet how many of us are actually living in the kingdom of God right here on Earth?

God doesn’t just wave a magic wand and everything works out just because we go to church. We have to do more by putting action to our faith.

I’m going to show you why we need to be walking by faith and not sight, as well as tell you how to get to that point in your own spiritual walk. If you want to experience the favor of God and see answers to prayers like you never have before, then keep reading!

Time For Some True Inspiration!

Listen to this true story I want to tell you about my sister. It will not only amaze you, it will whet your appetite for what’s coming.

When my older sister was in her early 20’s and her little girl was only about four years old she missed her turn on the way home from West Texas to Dallas. She kept driving thinking she was on the right road and ended up being in a town a long way from Dallas and she was almost out of gas. It was late night and she pulled over to the side of the road, tired, wondering what she should do.

It is Written

Back then there were no cell phones and no GPS and really no one to depend on so she turned to God and prayed that he would help her to stay safe and help her and her little girl get some gas and find their way home. You must also remember that 50 years ago gas stations didn’t stay open all night like I do today and this was a very small-town she had ended up in.

My sister felt like God was telling her to just start knocking doors in the first neighborhood she came to and as embarrassing and scary as that was that’s what she did. She knocked on several doors that night and no one came to the door but finally she came to a house where someone did answer the door and that someone just happened to be the owner of the only gas station in that little town.

house at night

By now you might be thinking what a coincidence but I must disagree. This was God in charge and He knew exactly which street and house would have the person she needed.

The man got dressed and let her follow him to the gas station where he opened up and let her get gas. He even took a check from her although he didn’t know her.

My sister got home safely and everything was fine but I just want you to know that when you need God he is always there for you and he always goes the extra mile. He didn’t just find someone to help her, he found the gas station owner. Praise the Lord!

God Does Nothing Halfway!

One of the most fun days of my life was when I was traveling alone and my car simply died a sudden death. I was in a very bad part of Baton Rouge, LA and even the phone booth across the street had all the phone wires ripped out of it.

Buildings were deserted with bars on the windows and I had no cell phone at that time. I sat in my car and prayed for God to send me some help and prayed for His protection. I was actually working out of town and had almost $10,000 on me at the time as well. It wasn’t a great situation to be in.

It is Written

In less that five minutes after I prayed a small pickup pulled up behind me and a young man got out to see if he could help me. He had his wife and a small child in the truck with him.

God not only sent someone to help me, he sent me a mechanic! Praise God. He never does anything half way. It was a Sunday morning, almost noon. The young man said I’ll be glad to help you but we always go to my parents sugar plantation for Sunday dinner, so why don’t you just come along with us and we will see about your car afterwards.

So I spent that afternoon having a blast on the sugar plantation and eating a great meal! The man took me back to my car and was able to fix it well enough to get me back home to Texas. It was a great day!

Christian’s that want to walk by faith and not by sight must get into the Word and get to know God and Jesus intimately. It’s not that hard, in fact it’s quite exciting.

What Does Walking by Faith and Not Sight Really Mean?

In the book of Hebrews, it tells you that “now faith” comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Did you notice it says now faith, not next week?

When you read the word out loud or even silently it fuels your faith. If you meditate on the words that you’re reading it builds your faith. When you go to church and you hear the preacher, that builds your faith. Praying also builds your faith. So are you getting the idea here, that being in the word increases your faith?

Being in the Word doesn’t take sitting with your Bible open 8 hours a day it just takes meditating on a few scriptures each morning and putting your trust in God.

Technology today makes it hard for people to be walking by faith and not by sight because they have electronics that do almost anything they need them to do. There is even an electronic machine that vacuums your house for you.

It is Written

When people get lost they pull out the GPS and if they need help they phone a friend. This is all well and good but it doesn’t teach you to trust God when you are in trouble.

It’s time that we started putting God first and using those electronics as a second thought. What I’m saying to you is when you’re stranded pray before you call someone and ask God who he wants you to call or what he wants you to do.

God might just get you free help, instead of you paying a tow truck! You want to be in God’s will all the time even if you think you have the answers.

What Are The Benefits of Walking by Faith and Not By Sight?

One of the benefits of walking by faith and not by sight is receiving the favor of God. This means more things will go your way and people will start giving you things before you even ask for them. Doors of opportunity will open for you and the impossible will become possible.

You will have an excitement every day wondering what wonderful favors God is going to do for you that day. It doesn’t mean that nothing will ever go wrong and that’s because we live in a carnal body on a carnal Earth; but for the most part walking in the favor of God is one of the most exciting things ever.

Belief Versus Unbelief

Belief versus unbelief is where walking by faith and not by sight gets tricky. Satan is constantly roaming the Earth seeking whom he can kill, steal and destroy and he usually does that by working in our minds. Those thoughts that you get that are negative are not from God. Those are from Satan himself!

The Bible tells us that we are cast down all imaginations that exalt themselves against the knowledge of the Lord and bring them into captivity. So how do we do that? We do that by refusing to accept those thoughts that come into our heads and rebuking Satan when we hear them.

For example, when Satan tells me my head hurts and it’s going to be a terrible migraine I don’t run for the medicine cabinet thinking I have to head off this migraine. I stop and say I rebuke you Satan and your thoughts. I cast down those ideas and refuse to believe them because I am a child of God and the word of God says that I am healed and made whole.

You can still take the medicine to treat the symptoms but realize that God is the healer.

If Satan tells you that you are unlovable, stop right then and tell him what the word says. It is written that I’m made in the image of God so I am very much loved because I’m His child!

It’s hard in the beginning to cast down all negative thoughts but I promise you that if you make a habit of doing this it will get easier and easier and soon your spirit will start answering Satan before you even realize you are doing it.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. His father, God, can not lie! So this means that everything in His word is the absolute truth and we can take it to the bank!

Trust is a huge component in believing and having faith. Trust comes when you let go of control and turn everything over to God. The more you get to know the word, the more you will trust Him.

Most people will trust their best friend or spouse with their life and there is a good reason for that. It’s because you “know” them really well. It’s the same with God. If you really get to know Him you will trust Him with everything in your life and it’s so very freeing!

Are You Willing To Fight

Walking by faith and not by sight is not always easy. Satan throws up all kinds of roadblocks and many times god’s help is not always instant. You have to learn to stand on the word no matter what things look like, what you see, or even what you feel. Faith does not work by emotions. It works from belief and trust.

So, How Do You Get Started Walking by Faith and Not By Sight?

The key to faith is getting the Word into your spirit as well as head knowledge. You can quote every scripture in the bible, but if they aren’t really rooted in your spirit the revelation knowledge won’t come and your faith will not soar.

Romans 12:3 says God has given to each and everyone of us the measure of faith, but it’s up to us to nurture and exercise that measure of faith. If you don’t use your leg muscles they become weak. It’s the same with Faith. You need to exercise your faith muscle so your measure of faith can move mountains!

One step is to meditate on God’s word and I’m going to show you an easy way to do it. Let’s take the scripture Phillippians 4:19 as an example.

“My God shall supply all your need according to Christ’s riches in glory.”

It is Written

Now let’s dissect this and really meditate on it. Here is what I would say after reading the original scripture.

“My God, not everyone elses’, but my God shall supply, not maybe will supply, all my need, not just some of it, according to Christs riches, which includes everything I can ever need.”

You see how you can make this scripture more personal because these scriptures are for all of us, not just back in the bible days. The bible says the scriptures are God Inspired and are for education, and even correction when we need it.

Besides meditating on scriptures it’s important to be in a bible study with others. If you have a friend or group of friends that will do this with you it’s even better but you can do a bible study with just you and the Holy Spirit.

Bible study can be a book of the bible, or a christian book you have purchased. Either way you will start getting to know the father and who you are in Christ. We are from a royal family!

Prayer is the third way to get closer to God and walk in faith. Spending time simply talking to the Father is amazing! Prayer is not always asking for something. It can be praise, thanksgiving, or just sharing your thoughts of the day with Him.

It is Written

Get up 10 minutes earlier and pray before work and see the difference. If you aren’t in the workplace you can set aside time and even pray while washing dishes or doing laundry. Putting God first will cause great changes to happen in your life.

Last, but not least, I just want to let you know that as you learn to walk by faith and not by sight you will literally start to feel the stress and worry of life’s cares lift from your shoulders. Once you realize that you don’t have to be in control all the time and that Jesus wants to take care of you it’s very liberating. Jesus says his burden is light and His yoke is easy.

In a nutshell, know His Word, know Him, and cast down all thoughts that are negative and don’t line up with His Word!

Let Go and Let God! God Bless!

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