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4 Keys That Will Crumble The Walls Of Your Jericho

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Breaking Strongholds

Many of you may have heard the story about how God brought down the walls of Jericho, but have you ever related that story to the walls and strongholds you have in your own life?

I was one of those people until I did a bible study with my sister on this subject. I was amazed at what I didn’t know! By the end of this article, you will know the three keys to crumbling your walls of Jericho forever!

You will learn what prayer, meditation of scriptures, worship, and fasting can do to bring about miracles in your life!

Why Overtake Jericho?

First let’s set the scene of what was really going on. The people of Jericho were evil through and through. They worshiped other gods and even sacrificed their own children at times to appease those false gods. How people could do that is beyond my capacity to understand!

God had spoken to Joshua and told him to take the army to the city of Jericho and there they would be victorious in taking the city. This city was a fortress that no one could break or get through.

Joshua went to Jericho with 10,000 soldiers, seven priests with rams horns, and others who were carrying the Ark of The Covenant. The ark was sacred because it held the tablets with the ten commandments inside.

They Arrived at Jericho

Imagine something similar to the photo above but probably higher.

The army arrives ready to do battle but they look at the wall which was around 40 or more feet high and start to wonder how to get inside. From the research I did, the retaining wall was around 15 feet high, then there was another mud-brick wall on top of that reaching another 26 feet high!

This battle took seven days, but they were quite unusual days. Your battle too may take time, but never give up.

The battle to conquer your walls may seem strange too, but read on and see how God actually does the hard part. He did it for them and will do it for you too! God is no respecter of persons and does not show partiality.

Once a day for six days the army was told to march around the city (1.24 miles), without making a sound. Only the seven priests made noise as they blew the ram’s horns repeatedly.

rams horn

An interesting fact about the ram’s horns is they were normally blown in celebration after a victory had been won. You might say that Joshua was very sure of the outcome! He trusted God completely and that’s what you should do too.

What Must The People Of Jericho

Be Thinking

Can you imagine having 10,000 soldiers marching around your home every day, yet never uttering a sound? I would imagine just the footsteps of 10,000 men marching would be unnerving! Their armor would probably be clanging as well as the sound of footsteps.

By the sixth day the people of Jericho were probably biting their nails, wondering what God was going to do. Even though they didn’t serve Him, they knew what the Arc of the Covenant was and by now they were probably starting to let fear take over. I know I would be!

When we get to the four keys for knocking down your strongholds you will see how nervous and scared Satan will get by the time your victory comes to light. Praise God!

The Day of Reckoning For Jericho

Finally, on the seventh day Joshua tells the soldiers that when he commands it they should all shout as loud as possible. The sound of 10,000 men shouting must have been deafening!

The priests must continue to blow the ram’s horns as they march. But today they were to march around the city seven times, keeping quiet for the first six.

Today we would have probably complained that seven times would be a march of almost nine miles! We have all gotten spoiled to the luxuries of life and many times expect God to just wave a magic wand and fix all our problems. The truth is that God expects us to put some actions with our faith.

The soldiers marched and when the seventh time came to an end they shouted the victory and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down! Now the soldiers could use the rubble as stepping stones to enter this once impenetrable city and take over.

What Does the Story of Jericho

Mean For You?

Do you have walls in your life that seem to be to high to overcome? There is nothing to hard for God and He will give you the will and the way to crumble those walls. So how do we do that? It’s not as hard as you may think.

Four Keys to Tumbling Your

Jericho Wall

These four keys aren’t anything you haven’t heard before but you may not have been aware of how doing these four things can crumble that wall you’ve struggled with so long.

If you put these keys into action you will start seeing your walls start to crumble and eventually you will be totally free!

  1. Worship – If you could see up into heaven right now you would see angels and people who have died before us worshiping the Lord. There are so many scriptures in the bible that tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. Don’t you want to be where God is?

    Praise and worship not only move the hand of God, they allow us to walk in the favor of God! So why don’t we do it more often? That is certainly something to think about.

    I can guarantee you that if you praise and worship God with all your heart He will move mountains in your life!

    Does all the time you spend with God consist of asking for something or do you actually thank Him for what He’s already done and praise Him?

    He deserves our praise, so don’t forget to do it. Praise is an important aspect of worship!
  2. Scriptures and Meditation – These two go hand in hand. The Word of God is what we should live by, but if you don’t know what it says you will be like a fish floundering out of water. So where do you start?

    There are many ways to learn what God’s word says but an easy way to start is by dissecting just one scripture. Take scripture and relate it to your life. Here is an example:

    John 14:6 Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

    If I were meditating on this scripture I would say something like this…

    “Jesus, I know you are the way and I will follow your way and strive to be holy. Your way will bring me victory and peace.

    You are the truth, which means you can never lie to me and if your word says something, then I can believe it with all my heart.

    You are life and I thank you that I will never die. Only my earth suit will wither and pass away. The real me will live on forever with you because I believe in you and you will take me to the Father.”
  3. Prayer – Spending time communing with the Father is so important to your spiritual growth and knocking down those walls of Jericho. Prayer starts with thanksgiving and praise as I said earlier. After praise, your prayer may be asking for a need for yourself or for someone else.

    The most important part of prayer is simply talking to God and then listening. God will speak to you if you get quiet and listen. Many times God will speak to you when you are in His word. Those scriptures you dissected may be where God speaks to you.

    You may be studying the scriptures and meditating on them when the “light bulb” seems to go off in your head and you finally understand something. That is God speaking to you through His Holy Spirit. It’s called revelation knowledge!

My Walls of Jericho Are Too Tough

You may think your problem or stronghold is too tough and that it would take a miracle for them to crumble. The good news is that God is in the miracle-working business!

Nothing is too hard for God and there is nothing He won’t help you with if you ask and trust Him.

These four keys sound almost too simple for your huge problem but look at them again. These four keys (I haven’t told you the fourth one yet) are the answer to everything in your life as long as you are here on this earth.

Why? Because if you do these things on a daily basis you will get to know God intimately. Once you know Him and what He really wants for you then your faith will soar and miracles will start to happen!

You put in the work but God takes care of the outcome! Just like He did at the battle of Jericho. Joshua and his army followed God’s instructions and trusted Him to keep His word and give them the victory.

Put God first in everything you do and see for yourself what He can and will do!

I’ve often said that the reason you trust your best friend or spouse with your life is that you have taken the time to get to know them. It’s the same principle with God, only the results are astounding! You have to really know Him to trust Him completely!

Our heavenly father has made a way for us to get through anything and He has made a way for us to be delivered from those walls that try and separate us from all His blessings.

The Fourth Key Used When God Calls You To It

There is a Fourth (4th) key that is not used on a daily basis, but it’s a very important key to successful Christian living. That key is fasting. There will be times in your life when fasting is needed to break the bondage of habits you are dealing with.

When you fast you will spend the time you normally would spend eating in prayer. Getting your flesh under control helps you to hear from God better.

God also honors your fast because He knows you are serious about breaking free and receiving the victory!

Fasting is mentioned in the bible 77 times so it’s important. Some of those mentions are in the old testament and some in the new, so fasting didn’t go away after Jesus came.

One important thing to know about fasting is why you are fasting and the proper way to fast.

The bible says when you fast to wash your face and put on clean clothes. In other words, don’t go around telling everyone you are fasting and look like something the cat just dragged in! Just go about your day as usual except for spending time in prayer.

When you use these four spiritual keys in your daily life Satan will start to tremble. He won’t like it that you now know and exercise these keys to be victorious and break down your walls of Jericho that may have bothered you for years.

Don’t be surprised if the devil even comes at you a little harder than usual, but don’t be afraid. The bible tells us that greater is he that is in us (Jesus), than he that is in the world (Satan).

The closer you get to God the more enlightened and happy you will be. Stand on God’s word and hold your ground. You will come out victorious! God Bless!

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