What Are The Two Biggest Enemies of Faith?

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We all know as Christians, Satan tries to tempt us and cause us to doubt, but there are two enemies of faith that are the biggest problems people face. The first one has to do with sense knowledge and the other is caused by mental assent. Let’s go over these two enemies of faith now so you will know how to stop Satan in his tracks!

These two enemies of faith are what Satan uses to get you off your spiritual walk and keep you from receiving the promises of God. We should all strive to have the God kind of faith, but you should also know it takes some work. Good things usually aren’t so easy to get!

The Two Enemies of Faith

Sense Knowledge

Sense knowledge is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the kind of faith that says when I see it with my natural eyes or feel it, then I will believe. You are basing your faith on a natural experience instead of God’s word. Our flesh has learned to trust in what it can see, feel, or touch, but things of the spirit work differently.

You may remember the story of the disciple Thomas who refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead and come back. Thomas specifically said unless he saw the nail prints in Jesus’s hand and put his finger into them he would not believe Jesus was back. That’s where he got the nickname “doubting Thomas”. I kind of think that is a little unfair because Thomas went on to be a great believer and did great work for the Lord. We all have to grow up spiritually as well as physically and mentally, so don’t be quick to judge others in their spiritual walk.

Mental Assent

This culprit of the enemies of faith is where many Christians fall short in their faith walk. Mental assent means you agree with the bible and that the words are even God-inspired. You even believe that every word is true, but when a crisis comes, your faith does not seem to work. When this happens many Christians start to question God and their faith walk altogether, so let’s find out what is really going on.

Mental Assent means you have the Word of God in your head but it hasn’t been rooted and grounded in your spirit. When your spirit and God’s spirit are in agreement, miracles, signs, and wonders happen!

Stopping Two Main Enemies of Faith

How Do I Get Rooted and Grounded?

There is no magic formula, but there are instructions in the bible on how to do this. In Psalms 1:2-3 the word tells us to meditate on God’s word day and night. This doesn’t mean sitting in a trance all night thinking about the word. It’s a very fun and simple process. Let me explain.

Ways to Get God’s Word in your Spirit

Memorize 1-3 scriptures every month

Dissect scriptures to get the true meaning. (this article explains how )

Spend time studying the word each day

Make the word personal for you by inserting your name in scriptures where it says you or I

Have bible study with friends you can bounce ideas and thoughts off of and look things up.

Read more than one translation of the word to get a better meaning. I use Bible Gateway.

As you put your best foot forward and diligently seek the Lord He will give you so much revelation knowledge that you will find it hard to calm down and sleep!

Last but not least, I want you to realize that your faith is a converter. Faith converts things that are true, even though they can’t be seen, and turns them into physical things. Whatever you or your family needs is available from God, but it’s only delivered by F A I T H ! God bless!

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