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What’s The First Thing You Will Do When You Get To Heaven

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Wow! That’s a loaded question if I’ve ever heard one. Have you ever really thought about the first thing you will do when you get to heaven?

Many people have thought about at least one question they want to ask God.  I know I have. Down here on earth there are many things we will never know until we get there, but it’s really fun to think about what we would do or ask.

Look Around In Amazement

The sights in heaven are going to be something to behold. The bible tells a little something about how it looks. There are streets of gold, jasper walls, the crystal sea, and much more.

There are some people who have died, gone to heaven, and returned to the operating table who tell stories of what they have seen. Some of them have even recorded what they saw in a vision from God and it sounds so wonderful.

I love to listen to and watch videos of Jesse Duplantis. He said when he went to heaven there were rivers, flowers, and animals on the outskirts of the main city before the city where God lived. There were colors and smells that we have never seen before. He saw a fruit that was unlike anything we have here on earth and the color was kind of bronze.

The grass, flowers, and trees were all lush and green, with no barren land anywhere. It sounds wonderful. Mansions were built beautifully and each one made with the likes and dislikes of the person it belonged to in mind.

Now we will never know for sure how it really looks until we get there, but I imagine that God loved trees, rivers, and mountains so well that he didn’t just create them on earth but in heaven as well. He made us in His image so why not give us some of heaven’s beauty down here?


Look For The One Bible Character

You Can’t-Wait To Meet

Who is your favorite bible character? Of course, we all want to see Jesus and our Father God, but who is someone else you are excited to meet as well?

I want to meet and talk with the Apostle Paul. Of the 27 books of the New Testament, Paul was responsible for around 13 of them. His letters to the churches tell Christians today how to use the word of God and stay in close relationship with Him.

I want to ask Paul how he kept his spirits so high and always seemed to have the joy of the Lord. He was beaten, whipped, stoned, and even shipwrecked. In fact, he wrote some of the letters to the churches while he was in prison. I just can’t imagine what all he went through.

Find Your Loved Ones

Of course, we will all want to find our loved ones once we walk through those pearly gates! The bible says that there will be neither male nor female in heaven but that we know each other as we were known here on earth.

This means even in our glorified bodies our spirits will recognize the spirits of our loved ones and we will know who they are. This will be amazing!


Meet Jesus and God

Meeting Jesus and God will probably be the first thing that happens to us when we get to heaven, but frankly, I’m not sure. Meeting the one who died for me is going to be the best day ever and actually being in the presence of my Father will be beyond words.

When we meet our savior and Lord we will also be seeing angels. These heavenly beings have never been flesh and blood like us, but the bible teaches us they do have free will, just like we do.


Find The Place Where You Will Live

God promises us a place to dwell and promises it will be beautiful. While I don’t know exactly how this will happen I like to imagine that my house will have beautiful hardwood floors and will be decorated with beautiful things.

Those are my fleshly desires. Once I get to heaven it probably won’t even matter to me. I’ll be so happy and content that anything will be just wonderful!


What Do You Want To Do First?

Feel free to leave any comments about what you would do first when you get to heaven. This will be a fun experiment to see how differently people think about what heaven will be like. God Bless!

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