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Why Pray? Doesn’t God Already Know What’s On My Mind?

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It is very true God knows everything, even what you are about to ask Him, so why pray? That’s the question for today so let’s start looking in the bible to see what God and all the saints say about prayer.

Here is the definition of prayer in the dictionary.

  • a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship”.

That is the secular definition but it’s important to only worship God, not any other object of worship. That would be worshiping an idol which is strictly forbidden!

However, the point I want to make is that prayer isn’t just asking for something, it’s also making an expression of thanksgiving to God. Many places in the bible you will see the phrase “in prayer and supplication” used, meaning prayer for others, praising God, and then in supplication of request for things we need.

So why pray? The number one reason to pray is so you can have eternal life. In the book of Romans, we have a clear plan of salvation and how it involves prayer.

If we believe that Jesus is the son of God and that He died for us and rose again after three days we can pray for forgiveness of our sins and ask Jesus to come into our life. That was and always will be the most important prayer you can ever pray!  You can’t get to heaven without saying this prayer!  

Why Pray?  What’s the Purpose

Prayer is what moves God. He is not pushy or insistent because He has given you free will to choose which path you want to walk. So, in order for God to be able to move on your behalf, you must know how to pray and apply it to your life.

In several places in the bible, it refers to Satan as the “god of this world”, “ruler of this world”, and “Prince of the air”.  Christians can take authority over Satan and ask for help through prayer.  We, through prayer, have God’s protection.  Non-Christians have a serious problem with no way to fight the evil!

The question of “why pray” suddenly becomes “better pray“!  Our protection from Satan is through our faith and prayers to the Father, who is our shield and protector!

There is also the prayer of intercession. Prayers of intercession are where you are interceding on the behalf of someone else. You may be praying for people that don’t know Jesus, or someone closer to you, like your spouse.

You can not get someone into heaven by your prayers alone if they have not accepted Jesus, but you can pray that God will soften their hearts and send the right person to talk to them so they too can become believers.  You may be the person they learn from but many times your friends and loved ones won’t listen to you and God has to send someone else.

What about the prayer of faith? You should have faith in every prayer that you offer to God, but I’m talking about the type of prayer where you have asked for something and are waiting for the answer to manifest.

That’s the hardest type of prayer there is because we tend to believe in what we see, feel, or touch. God wants us to walk in faith, believing we receive it before it is actually manifested to us.

This takes a lot of trust in God, but that trust becomes easier and easier the more you spend time in His word and in prayer.

One last type of prayer you should pray is the prayer of agreement. In Matthew 18:19 the word tells us that if any two people “agree” on anything together in prayer, He will answer. There is strength in numbers.

There are many types of prayer but in a nutshell, prayer is simply communication with God. Anytime we go to God in the name of Jesus, you can be sure He hears and will answer. Jesus is our go-between to the Father and our advocate! Praise God for that.


How Do I Pray?

I hope these examples have answered that question, “why pray”. Prayer is an intimate conversation with God almighty and the bible says we can (through Jesus) come boldly to His throne when we need help, or just want to praise Him.

You don’t have to know scriptures to quote when praying or some eloquent phrases.  Praying, as I said earlier, is merely talking to God.  He knows your heart and if you come to Him with the intent of talking honestly with Him, you will be blessed beyond measure!

The only thing I would like to add about praying correctly is you must pray “in the name of Jesus”.  That is the only commandment concerning prayer.  Remember, Jesus is our go-between as I said before, so go to the Father through Him!


Prayer is the Key to Heaven but Faith Unlocks The Door

I heard an old gospel song once that really ministered to me. It was “Prayer is the Key to Heaven, But Faith Unlocks the Door”. Here is the video if you want to listen to it. It’s a very old song but the words are awesome!


Prayer (talking to God) can be done anytime during the day while you are going about your chores. Praise Him for all He has done for you and what He is going to do. God wants us to pray every day expecting many great blessings to flow from Him.  Why Pray?  Because it moves the hand of God!



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