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Words Are Power in Action

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Are Your Words Creating The Life You Want?

You may not have thought of it before but words can change and stir people. Words are alive and active according to God and words can be used to empower people or tear them down. The choice is yours. Proverbs 6:2 (NIV) reads, “You have been trapped by what you said, ensnared by the words of your mouth.”

If you said “ My faith is weak”, you would not be able to believe God for anything because you already said you have very little faith. What we say brings about feelings and emotions and if you say it long enough it will become true in your life. Wouldn’t it be better to make positive and uplifting statements that come true, rather than negative ones?

You Possess What You Confess

When your affirmations or words line up with God’s word you will surely possess what you confess. You can’t help but receive from God. The bible is full of His promises, but we have to believe we receive them before we actually see them in most cases.

We have all heard the scripture in Hebrews 11:1 (KJV) that reads “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”. That means we believe we receive before that thing actually manifests itself.

Are You Being Ruled By Your Conversations?

Our daily talk and conversations must change if we want our lives to change. The bible says that God’s word does not return unto Him void, without accomplishing that for which it was sent. (Isaiah 55:11)

Pay attention to the words you use on a daily basis and listen to your friends and co-workers. Most of what you are hearing goes against what God says.

You may hear:

I can’t learn this!

My back is killing me. It seems I’ll never get well.

I don’t have enough money and will never get out of debt.

No one loves me.

I’m fat and ugly.

Statements like these are all that come out of most people’s mouths. It’s a shame. When we have those kinds of thoughts the bible says we should cast them down because they exalt themselves again God.

Once our thoughts come out of our mouth the trouble really begins. Cut those thoughts off the minute they come into your mind and replace them with positive words that encourage.

You should be saying:

I can learn this because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Devil, you are trying to put back pain on me but I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I feel great and my back is in perfect condition.

I have more than enough money to pay my bills and give to others because my God supplies ALL my need according to Christ’s riches in glory!

I have the love of God and as my light shines others will flock to me because they love me and see Jesus in me. My family loves me and I love them.

I am beautiful in the sight of God and with God’s help, I am losing weight. I love how I look because that’s the exact look that God gave me and wanted me to have.

Emotions and Feelings Brought on by Words

I talked a little about feelings and emotions in the first part of this blog post but wanted to share a little more. Words can make you cry, laugh, be angry, or be happy. A prime example is the coach of a football team. The last thing he does before the players go out onto the field is to give them a pep talk.

He builds them up by reminding them of their skills and how good they are. He lets them know they are stronger than the other team and they can win the game. By the time those players head outside, they are ready to play hard! His words created feelings of emotion and empowerment in them.

Believing in yourself is important but believing in yourself through Christ is where the true power comes from! You’ve heard the old saying “God don’t make no junk”. It’s true and He wants every one of us to lead happy and successful lives.

In order to lead healthy, happy, and successful lives we have to make sure we not only walk the walk but talk the talk!

There are so many scriptures to back up God’s message that we are what we say we are. Again, words are not just important, they are our present and future.

I’ve talked about God’s Law of Attraction before and it’s simply confessing the Word of God and believing it to be true. The world talks about the law of attraction and they don’t even realize that it’s because the principles of faith work for anyone.

Some people may not be using the bible as their belief system but they are believing in something and because the subconscious believes what it hears to be true, things usually work out for those people.

How much more will it work to use God’s word for believing and being successful? A whole lot more!

Creating the Life You Want

Start today being aware of your words and conversations so that you can create the life you want. Words have the power to create. God created the world in seven days using words. He said. “Let there be Light”.

Before ending this post I need to warn you against duel confessions. Duel confessions are when you pray and speak the words of god then later turn around and negate them with negative words.

An Example:

#1 – I confess that God shall supply all my need and that if He feeds the little sparrow how much more He loves and cares for me.

#2 – This electric bill is so high I probably won’t have enough money left from my paycheck to pay it all. Woe is me. What will I do?

You see the second statement just wiped out the first good confession you made. It’s important to keep our talk God inspired all the time. If you forget and make a mistake, just repent and start all over. This kind of spiritual walk takes time and practice but you will make it!

Whatever your dreams in life are, or whatever you want to accomplish, God will be right there with you helping you the entire way. The right self-talk and conversations with others will soon start to shape your life into what you’ve been dreaming of! Never Give up.

Please comment below times you have talked the talk and things changed for you, or any other comments you would like to make.

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